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A theme park built on the site of the old Crown Mines Shaft number 14, Gold Reef City reflects the story of the discovery of gold and those who mined it. You can take an underground tour, see gold being poured in the old smelt house, visit the Gold Reef City Mint and wonder through a recreated mine village. It is difficult to believe that thousands of meters directly below, the dark tunnels of a once thriving gold mine now lie empty and silent. The Gold Reef City complex is built just a short walk away from the original headgear. Here you can enjoy the theme park that consists of more than 12 catering establishments, four stages and 30 rides. Tribal dancers and can-can girls can also be seen, and of which adds it's own vibrancy to this establishment.


And so it was... Gold set the scene and the reef was established. This resplendent metal anchored a beginning. Prospectors made claims hurriedly and began digging for gold. Footpaths became roads. Tents became towns. Headgears became landmarks. Diggings became mountains. Gold became news! The city that was built on the sweat of the miners, was all about gold. A visit through the city centre and it's outskirts will shed some knowledge and important historical facts.


Segregation is exactly where it belongs - in a museum! The award winning museum communicates this by using dark images, sounds and atmosphere prevalent in that troubled era. The museum is a journey, not just a destination. It takes you back through the history of the myriad cultures converging during the pre-apartheid era. Through the years of race classification the 150 acts of apartheid, detentions and the oppression of the nationalist regime. You will examine the rise of black consciousness, the armed struggle and finally the release of Nelson Mandela, which led to the negotiations for peace. The experience is one of upliftment and liberation, which leaves each visitor with a feeling of hope for the future.


The name is an acronym for "South Western Township". Soweto has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Gauteng. It offers visitors a chance to remember the sacrifices of those who fought for freedom. But, also an opportunity to relax and enjoy the best of township life - food, music and activity.


Here you will trace the evolution of beer, discover the magic of making beer and enjoy a tradition that goes back through the ages. The tour unveils beers heritage as reflected by a turn of the century pub in Johannesburg's mining camp and a traditional Soweto shebeen. A full scale brew house reveals the intricacies of the brewing process. Finally, you will get to the Tap Room pub, to enjoy a glass or two of beer, with a superb lunch if so desired.


It is situated in the heart of Newtown Cultural Precinct and is Johannesburg's leading history museum. It will lead you through the immediate area's history, as early back as San Rock paintings, to the Iron Age in the area. The museum tells many stories of the gold rush, apartheid years and segregation. It is a must for those seeking knowledge and understanding.


This is where cultures collide in a riot of colours, shapes, textures and smells that are as diverse as the Rainbow Nation itself. The Crafters Trading Post and African Village has the widest variety of African arts, crafts, collectables and antiques, fashions and fabrics from all over Africa. Here you will find a group of people who display their products with pride. The Great Trading Hall is where you can make use of your trading skills, and walk away with an assortment of merchandise that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Entertainment in the form of the Vuka Africa (Africa Rises) show is performed regularly and includes the African Birth, Gumboot dancing, the Zulu War dance and a whole lot more. It is an excellent venue to carry out your last days shopping for curios and gifts.


The notorious "Old Fort" was built prior to the Second Anglo Boer War. It is where thousands of people were brutally punished before the dawn of democracy in 1994. Many of our leading activists, including Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela were detained here. Our Constitutional Court and protector is now situated at the "Old Fort."


Pretoria which was around before Johannesburg, is the capital city. The city was built around a church where early pioneers used to camp and hold communion on a quarterly basis. Historical sights include the Voortrekker Monument, Kruger House, Church Square, amongst others, where you can learn and understand more about our largest civil war and the Boer Republics. The Union Buildings are an architectural masterpiece and the venue where Nelson Mandela's inaugurational ceremony was held in 1994, and where many world leaders paid tribute to our first black president.


An adventure with a difference, is to view the city of Johannesburg and the landscape of Gauteng from a custom designed aerobatics aircraft or a combat jet fighter plane. This 30-minute ride on either one of these planes, is most probably the ultimate in a flying experience.


A real life underground mine adventure that allows you to learn about mining history. It is a "walk-in" mine where you enter into an historic "time-tunnel". It furthermore allows you to participate in the crushing of ore and gold panning as it was done 125 years ago. If you are lucky enough to find gold in your pan, you keep it.


It is a 47 000 hectare, fossil rich world heritage site that tells the story of our human origins. It is a story of adventure, survival and the relentless drive of the human spirit. The Sterkfontein Caves is the world's richest hominid fossil site. You may enter and go deep inside these magical caves, where you may learn more about the history and character of the caves. The caves are home to "Mrs Pless", dated 3,2 million years ago, and more recently to "Little Foot" dating back 4,17 million years ago, and in complete skeletal form.


Located in the unspoilt bush of the Magaliesberg Nature Reserve, it offers an experience with elephants as never before. Your encounter with these magnificent creatures will deepen your understanding. The program that is hosted by experienced guides will allow you to meet and touch the elephants during an exciting, educationally orientated program.


This resort has a unique heart beat of an African rhythm of its own and is unlike any other resort in the world. There is an abundance of activities at your disposal, which will give you an enormous amount of choices during your leisure time. The Valley of Waves Water Park is a central feature of the Lost City. The playground recreates the mystery and marvels of an old age mythical civilisation of exotic jungle, threaded with a wonderland of waterscapes and adventures. The Temple of Courage is a 70 meter long speed slide, where swimmers drop 17 meters and gradually come to a halt in the chute. The area offers so much more, such as the Viper and Mamba slides, the Scorpion and Tarantula slides, Lazy River, the Roaring Lagoon or Wave Pool, Botanical Gardens, Diamond and Gold Mines, the Bridge of Time, thus having something for everyone. The Outdoor Adventure Centre is designed to appeal to those who enjoy other outdoor adventures. Quad bike adventure trails, clay target shooting and archery are available. The Zip slide is 280 meters high, two kilometres long, and reaches a speed of 140 km per hour. The Waterworld offers water-skiing, para-sailing and jet-skiing amongst other boating excitement. And of course, those in need of pampering can enjoy the ultra luxurious health spa.


It is a malaria free zone, home to the Big 5, and neighbour to the Sun City Resort. The emphasis of the safari is to locate the Big 5. Specialist guides will ensure that you experience a true African Safari aboard a specially equipped 6-seater Landcruiser. Hot air balloon safaris are also available, which start in the early morning, and gives a full viewing spectrum of the Pilansberg National Park. There are other safaris available including bush breakfasts and sunset tours.


This experience will give you an indication of the culture differences within South Africa. Five African tribes will entertain you with their stories and dancing in a unique and wonderful manner that shall not be forgotten.


It is a successful breeding project for cheetah and wild dog. A guided tour in open shaded vehicles will thrill you with information about these wonderful animals.